Amicotube manufactures solutions for

agricultural use, paper products,

non-woven materials, labels, flexible films,
textiles, household products, and more


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Amicotube manufactures cardboard

molds for decorative pillars, pile heads

foundations, infrastructure and

telecommunications projects, and DIY use.


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Amicotube manufactures solutions for

branded and gift packaging, gifts,

displayprops and stands, interior

design, mailing tubes, and more.


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Amicos cooperation with

Tel Aviv Museam.

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printing sollution.

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Amicotube Company Profile


Amico was established in 1984 in Kibbutz Ginegar in Israel. In 2003, Amico merged with Tubeicart and
became Amicotube Ltd, a partnership between Kibbutz Ginegar, Kibbutz Gevram, and a private
holding company. Kibbutz Ginegar houses the company headquarters, production, and logistics, while
Kibbutz Gevram focuses solely on production and logistics.


Amicotube is a leading Israeli manufacturer of cardboard cores serving the industrial, construction, and
design and packaging sectors. The company manufactures a vast array of products for a wide variety
of applications including agriculture, food packaging, medical, hygiene, paper, textile, and more.


AmicoTube offers the most extensive range of cardboard and plastic cores in Israel, providing customized
solutions for a wide range of applications.





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