Amicotube manufactures solutions for

agricultural use


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Amicotube manufactures cardboard

molds for decorative pillars


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Amicotube manufactures solutions for branded.


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Amico Build


Amicotube manufactures cardboard molds for decorative pillars, piles, foundations, and DIY use.
The high-quality, moisture-resistant molds are leakproof and maintain their shape, ensuring a smooth finish.
These proven solutions are widely used in the construction industry, enjoying a solid reputation
for quality and reliability.


Cardboard Molds for Foundations


Amicotube's tubular cardboard molds for foundations are environment friendly and fully recyclable.
The cost-effective and lightweight molds save both time and labor.


The molds offer a large number of advantages :


  Light weight enables easy transport and setup, eliminating the need for lifting equipment

 Quick and easy manual installation
  Strong and stable mold results in exceptionally smooth surfaces
  Inner skin does not bond to the and is easily removed
  Moisture-resistant properties enable construction to continue even in adverse weather conditions


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