Amicotube manufactures solutions for

agricultural use, paper products,

non-woven materials, labels, flexible films,
textiles, household products, and more


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Amicotube manufactures cardboard

molds for decorative pillars, pile heads

foundations, infrastructure and

telecommunications projects, and DIY use.


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Amicotube manufactures solutions for

branded and gift packaging, gifts,

displayprops and stands, interior

design, mailing tubes, and more.


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Amicos cooperation with

Tel Aviv Museam.

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Environmental Awareness


Amicotube operates in the green belt that forms Emek Yizrael. As such, identifying with
nature and playing our part in its preservation is an integral part of our business.
Our focus on environmental awareness is a strategic decision. Amicotube's
environment-friendly products are manufactured from recycled cardboard and organic
biodegradable glue. A significant percentage of raw materials utilized at the factory
are recycled and biodegradable materials.


We conduct regular inspections to ensure all processes are energy efficient. Our goal
is to meet most of our energy requirements through green energy in 2011. We currently
operate a special energy-saving production line which utilizes a unique acclimatization
process and hope to introduce further energy-saving lines in the future. Amicotube will
continue to run all operations with a strong focus on energy optimization and
environmental preservation.


Amicotube has invested a great deal of time and resources over the last two years in the
development of a unique new material through an Office of the Chief Scientist, Ministry
of Industry, Trade, and Labor project. The goal is to develop material for the production
of plastic cores and profiles for the lifestyle sector. The multidisciplinary team working
on the project includes experts in the field of plastics, composite materials, recycling,
engineering, chemistry, and management.



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